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Ryan is the founder of Local Work Marketing. Since 2009, Ryan has been helping small business owners engage and enhance their experience with customers. Focused on SEO, Ryan is considered a thought leader in internet marketing strategies across local and national industries.

Articles by Ryan Naylor:

How to Write a Great Resume, Part 2

28 Feb 2012 in Featured

Another great way to make a good first impression in your resume or cover letter is to address the hiring manager directly. While it is considered proper business letter format to use “To whom it may concern”, a much better choice is to use the name of the person who will be reading the letter. […]

How to Write a Great Resume, Part 1

28 Feb 2012 in Featured

How to write a resume that gets noticed. Before all else, proofread. Actually, this should happen after everything else, but you get the idea. You might say, “But errors are human. No one can be expected to be 100% perfect with everything they write.” This might be true, but grammatical errors in your resume will […]

How to Handle an Interview

28 Feb 2012 in Featured

So the job liked your resume enough to call you back and interview you. Now what? Although getting an interview is a step in the right direction, plenty of people get interviewed without getting hired. There are several steps you can take to make sure you’re not one of those people. One thing many people […]

Overcoming Obstacles When Looking For Work

09 Jan 2012 in Featured

With the economy, life’s stresses and everything else in between- looking for work can be quite a struggle at times. You may put out your resume over and over with possibly no response. This is when things get really frustrating and tiresome. Common obstacles that occur when applying for jobs can include lack of response, […]