Greater Phoenix Job Fairs 2020

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Job fairs are a fantastic way for you to meet and network with hiring managers. When you go to a job fair, there really should be one goal in mind, getting yourself to the next step of the hiring process. Each and every table at these job fair events is looking to hire. It is the job seekers' responsibility to maximize that opportunity and prove to the hiring representative why they should invite you to continue in the hiring process.

If you have not attended a job fair in Phoenix before, it can be an overwhelming experience if you're not ready. To help you, we have created a list of three MUST-DOs for the next upcoming Phoenix Job Fair. Follow these job fair tips and be ready in no time to make a great impact and get the results you deserve.

Phoenix Job Fair Tips:

  1. Job Fair Talking Points - You really only have a short time with each recruiter. It is good for you to make a list of some talking points. The job fair is not the time or place to get into in-depth dialogue, but more to serve as a starting point to get you to the next level. Have memorized a summary of your skills and professional background. Talk about benefits you gave your previous employers. Don't say "I answered the phones and put papers away when I was told." rather say, "My responsibilities included direction communication throughout our office so customers never were let down. This increased our office professionalism which led to higher net promoter scores from our customers. I took the extra time to create a filing system which increased efficiency and accountability of important documents."
  2. Show Enthusiasm - If you want to be remembered, don't be boring! Have a big bright smile and be happy to be talking to the recruiter. No one wants to be approached by a grump. Use the job fair to personally show your positive and professional demeanor.
  3. Follow Through - If a company or hiring manager gives you an assignment to do something, DO IT. Sounds simple, but the recruiters know 80% of the candidates they request to email something or visit a website don't do it. This helps them weed out the quality from the lazy. Make sure you're not the latter.

If you need more tips and help getting ready for the job fair in Phoenix, be sure to visit the Tools section found at -